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How can I compare Auto Insurance rates from different Insurance Companies?
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Here is a checklist of things you should consider when purchasing NJ personal automobile insurance.

First, purchase the amount of New Jersey auto insurance liability coverage which makes sense for you.
Second, you should decide which optional policy coverage's you want. For example, do you want the optional physical damage coverage's in Part D or is the market value of your car too low to warrant purchasing them.
Finally, once you have decided what you want in your NJ automobile insurance policy, you can now decide who you would like to purchase the insurance from. For example, you may decide you like the idea of purchasing insurance online rather than traveling to someone's office.
You should also decide whether you would like an insurance agent to assist you in your purchasing decision or if you would like to buy the insurance directly from a company that sells insurance over the phone or online NJ Direct.

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Online NJ Automobile Insurance Money Saving Ideas

How can I lower my NJ automobile insurance rates?
There are a number of things you can do to lower the cost of your NJ automobile insurance. The easiest thing to do is to shop around. It is not surprising to find quotes on automobile insurance that can vary by hundreds of dollars for the same coverage on the same car. When you shop, be careful to make sure each insurer is offering the same coverage. Many insurers use the ISO policy forms, but this is not always the case.

Another way to lower the cost of your New Jersey auto insurance is to look for any discounts that you may qualify for. For example, many insurers will offer you a discount if you insure multiple cars under the same policy, or if you have had a driver education class in the last five years. Be sure to ask your agent or your company about their discount plans.

Another easy way to lower the cost of your New Jersey automobile insurance is to increase the deductible. Simply raising your deductible from $250 to $500 can lower your premium sometimes by as much as five or ten percent. However, you should be careful to make sure that you have the financial resources necessary to handle the larger deductible.

First you will have to determine if you have more than 7 points on your driving history. These are moving violations added to insurance surcharge points. If you have 7 or more points and are having trouble obtaining affordable coverage go here NJ High Risk Auto Insurance.

What is New with New Jersey Personal Auto Insurance Laws?

NJ Auto Insurance Competition and Choice Act of 2003 and others.

Rate Reform
NJ Auto Insurance Rate Process expanded from 3% to 7%.
Relaxation of some Prior Approval requirements.
Excess Insurer Profits not eliminated.
Three-year look back period amended to seven years.
Withdrawal Lock-In-Law restrictions are loosened.
Take All Comers to be eliminated in 2009.
Legislator vows to ban practice of using education and occupation to underwrite and price risks.
Verbal Threshold weakened NJ Supreme Court decision.

Personal Automobile Insurance NJ Market Developments

Expedited Rate Process working as designed
Mercury General enters market and continues expanding
Credit Scoring permitted for NJ Insurance Companies immediately,
opened to industry use in 2004
GEICO enters market and alters car insurance landscape
Berkshire Hathaway Homestate begins writing new business August 15, 2018
NJ Skylands insurance company becomes a major presence
Progressive NJ Drive Insurance Company immediately has a large presence

Former mainstay political concerns about the price of New Jersey Auto insurance overwhelmed by the prior inability of many NJ drivers to find coverage has been eased dramatically over the last 3 years.